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You may have heard about the new customer support and feedback portal for McDonald’s. Well, we are going to brief you on the same using this post on “www.mcdvoice.com – Official McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey” here.

With this customer feedback portal, the officials are providing customers with an opportunity to provide genuine reviews that can be implemented into the service.

McDonald’s is one of the largest chains of restaurants in the world. Headquarters of the same is at Illinois, USA (Soon moving to Chicago).

The company serves more than 68 million customers each day at its outlets worldwide. For years McDonald’s has been serving people with great food but they wish to make it better and more customer-oriented.

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McDonald's Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are several coupons and offers that the customers can avail after filling in their feedback at www.mcdvoice.com website. We will help you to understand how you can avail this feedback portal easily.

Access www.mcdvoice.com for McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Almost every individual in the society has been to McDonald’s. So, it does not need any kind of detailed introduction. The management at McD decided that they would integrate a customer satisfaction survey portal instead of the email feedbacks that they occasionally received. Also, to increase the urge, the outlets provide different meal offers and coupons which the users can redeem after providing the feedback.

In order to access the feedback portal, users need a valid receipt of any outlet of McDonald’s. The receipt should not be older than a week or else the feedback portal will not accept it for recording your views. This is because people can retain the true experience for a limited time only.

If you have a valid receipt, keep it ready, and access the www.mcdvoice.com portal. Now, follow these steps as given below to use your receipt for recording your feedback;

  •  Here is the link to help you reach the site directly.
  • When you reach there, you will see that you need to enter the 26 digits of the survey code as on the receipt.
  • If, for any reason, your receipt does not contain the 26 digit code, then select the appropriate tab under the receipt image.
  • You will have to enter other details like KS#, Store #, Date & Time of visit, etc. All this info will be present in the receipt too.
  • After entering these details, you need to tap on the “Start” tab.
  • The system will verify the validity of the receipt and then provide you the feedback questionnaire.
  • You will be asked several questions relating to what you had in your meal, how good was it, how long did it take to get you your order, and other variables for measuring the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Finally, you will also be able to enter your personal comments in addition to their questions.
  • Select the submit tab and your feedback will be in the records.

As soon as you complete the feedback form detailing, you’ll see the validation code number on the screen. This code is necessary for users who wish to redeem their offer as given on the receipt. There is a 30 days time duration for the receipt offer to be valid from the date of the receipt. Any customer can provide more than one review at any time.

Hence, this is how customers of McDonald’s can provide their valuable feedback and enjoy the offers. This feedbacks will help the management to better their services. Well, this winds up our post on “www.mcdvoice.com – Official McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey” here. We hope the information provided here will be of use to all. For queries, write to us here. Thank you, dear readers.