Questions Asked

McDonald’s is a franchise company established in 1940 by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. The first restaurant in San Bernardino, California (USA) started its journey with a menu of 20 products. Today, however, McDonald’s menu and restaurant appearance are changing. And the current appearance of this food chain is very different from the original appearance. McDVOICE Survey is accessible at the official portal of the McDonald’s.

McDVOICE Survey Questionnaire

McDVOICE Survey begins with general questions about the last visit of the customers to McDonald’s and then continues with comments about service and food served. This is a questionnaire that shows all your experience at McDonald’s store on your last visit.

  • The first question after inserting the basic data inquires about the date of your visit and the amount spent at McDonald’s. You will also be asked to submit the survey code.
  • The survey inquires about the quality of the food they received at the McDonald’s.
  • You will also be asked questions regarding the price factor at the McDonald’s.
  • The quality of service has the maximum number of questions regarding the behavior of staff at McDonald’s.
  • You are requested to be honest with each and every answer in this survey
  • After you answer each and every question of this survey, you will be displayed a validation code. You need to redeem it on the next visit to the McDonald’s to claim your free rewards.

The McDVOICE online survey hardly takes a few minutes for each and every customer to be completed. However, your honest feedback and valuable comments will assist the McDonald’s to deliver better food and drink, better service with friendlier and more helpful staff, and an increase in the number of facilities. Also, this survey helps McDonald’s to have an insight on various factors like the cleanliness of the store, etc.